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We supply RV planetary gearbox, drum motor, helical geared motor, worm reducer, electric motor, small gear motor,high  precision  planetary gearbox and  AC/BLDC gear motor for industrial machines---Integration for Your Success!
Product introduction
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Product introduction

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Product introduction

²      AC Gear Motor

AC Gear Motor combines reversible motor, Induction motor, Torque motor


AC Gear Motor.jpg

²      DC Gear Motor 

Size: 1#--5#    Power: 6W---300W,  Voltage: 12VDC—220VDC


DC Gear Motor.jpg


²      Hollow Flat Gear Motor

Combined by Brushless driver, BLDC motor and gearhead

Motor Size: 608090104mm



Hollow Flat Gear Motor.jpg

²      Brushless DC Gear Motor

Motor Size: 608090104mm

Power:10—400W     Voltage: 12V—220V


Brushless DC Gear Motor.jpg

²      Drum Motor

Outer diameter: Ø42 Ø50 Ø60 Ø80 Ø113 Ø138 Ø165

Power: 20W—2200W 

Drum Motor.jpg

²      Small AC Motor 

Power:100—3700W   Ratio: 3—750


Small AC Gear Motor.jpg

²      Hypoid Gear Motor

Mounting position is similar to aluminum case RV worm reducer, it is optimized in output torque, efficiency, life and oil leakage,

Output: Hollow shaft and solid shaft

Hypoid Gear Motor.jpg

²      ZDE/ZDF(S) Gear Box

High precisionplanetary gearbox combined with servo motor is widely used.

Size(ZDE/F) 406080120160mm;  Ratio: 3—512

Size( ZDS)90115142190mm; Ratio: 3—100

ZDE ZDF Gearbox.jpg

²      Transmission Planetary Gear Motor

To be combined with ACDCBLDC and stepping motor.

Size: 32 42 52 62 72 82 105 120mm

Transmission Gear Box.jpg

²      ZDR/ZDG Gear Box

High precision planetary gearbox designed with helical gear

Size(ZDR) 52 78 98 125mm;  Ratio: 3—81

Size( ZDG)60 90 120 170mm; Ratio: 3.67—100

ZDR ZDG Gearbox.jpg

²      ZB/ZE Gear Box

Helical gear designed high precision planetary gearbox

Size(ZB)060 090 115 142 180 220mm;

Size( ZE)070 090 120 155 205 235mm;

Ratio: 3—100

ZB ZE Gearbox.jpg


²      RV Planetary Gear Box

RV Planetary gear box is the core components of joint robots; it is widely used in

medical equipment and AGV machines.

RV Planetary Gear Box.jpg


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