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XGQX Transmission

We supply RV planetary gearbox, drum motor, helical geared motor, worm reducer, electric motor, small gear motor,high  precision  planetary gearbox and  AC/BLDC gear motor for industrial machines---Integration for Your Success!
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  • Q Maintenance

    A  How to do the daily check and regular maintenance?
    A. Please check the running noise for possible bearing damage or dirty lubricant inside at least every 6 months.
    B. Please turn off the electrical source switch when the electricity stops, in order to prevent hurting the person and damage the device when power recovers.
    C. Please don’t touch the revolving parts(shafts)while checking, switch off the power at once if somebody hurts.
  • Q Purchase order

    A   What information shall you give before placing a purchase order?
    A.Type of the gearbox, ratio, input and output type, input flange, mounting position, and motor information etc.
    B.Housing color.
    C.Purchase quantity.
    D.Other special requirements.
  • Q Select type

    A  How to select a proper type for your machine?
    Please refer to our catalogue to choose it or consult our sales person for help.
  • Q Assemble to the main machine

    A  How to assemble to the main machine safely?
    A. To prevent being hurt, please set a safe cover above the revolving part.
    B. Before assembling to the other machine, please confirm the revolving direction in case in wrong direction it may hurt the gear motor itself or destroy the device.
  • Q Over heating

    A When the gearbox is over heating, how should you check?
    A. Check the oil seal, if it is too tight, replace it.
    B. For heat housing, it is due to overload running, have to recalculate loading.
    C. Check the oil, less or lack of lubricant will cause over heating.
    D. Motor too heat is caused by overload, replace a new motor. 
  • Q Oil color

    A  Why the oil color of the drum motor becomes black ?
    When the transmission belt is not installed, especially at the high operating and ambient temperature, the oil is easy to become black.
  • Q Fails due to overload or normal wear

    A  What should you do when the drum motor fails due to overload or normal wear?
    Please check whether the motor overload is consistent with the contents of the electric roller, meanwhile, check the service life.
  • Q Vibration

    A  Why vibration happens?
    A. Uneven mounting surface. Re-adjust mounting base.
    B. Damaged bearing or worn gear. Replace bearing or gear.
    C. Bad gear assembly. Re-adjust gear set.


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